10 Essential Steps to becoming a indian beauty model in Varanasi


It’s common to see models with immaculate, smooth skin. Even though Photoshop magic plays a part in the appearance of their skin, many models follow a skin care regimen to maintain clear, healthy skin. They also include good skin-care practices in their daily routine. There are some requirements that you must fulfill in order to maintain the health of your skin and obtain indian beauty model skin. These include drinking enough water, washing, eating right, using moisturizer, and wearing sunscreen.

1.  Cleanse Their Face

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I constantly discover leftover makeup from the previous night’s show or the one before, even from models who insist they’ve already washed their faces. Remaining makeup may seriously harm the skin tone and drastically alter its look. I thus take my time using makeup remover and facial cleanser to thoroughly clean everything. 

2.  Massage the face with a moisturizer.

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Do you know what makes for a catastrophic recipe? Apply a little layer of moisturizer to the skin’s surface before applying makeup. The areas that most require smoothing out will still seem rough beneath makeup, and makeup will simply glide off. Restoring a gorgeous glow to the skin is facilitated by stimulating skin massage. Although sometimes it must happen quite quickly, this phase is important. 

3.  Use Heavy-Duty Moisturizer on their Skin 

Models frequently have severely damaged skin. (It truly is, yes.) In reality, Fashion Week consists of four weeks of consecutive runway events that take place in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. And twice a year, this whole period occurs. 

The models appear quite young during the first week, but by Week Four, their skin has become noticeably dry, worn out, raw, dull, and blemished. I advise regular ladies to disregard the rumors about what Fashion Week artists use to hydrate their skin since it’s simply too rich for everyday use. 

4.  Scrape their Lips to Slough off Dead Skin Cells 


We artists have to immediately fix the significant chapping and cracking of many females’ lips. (This is particularly frequent in the winter, but because of air conditioning, it is also a major problem in the summer.) 

Using makeup remover to initially remove the outermost layer of dryness is one of the best strategies I’ve found. I follow with a generous layer of lip balm. I give the model some time to process that before having her vigorously scrape her lips with a clean mascara brush. I then apply another layer of lip balm after using additional makeup remover to get rid of any remaining particles. 

5.  Layer on Multiple Foundations and Concealers

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When ladies ask me what my favorite makeup is, it’s difficult for me to respond since no one shade or texture can make a woman’s complexion appear flawless on her own. To get the effect that the woman has an Indian beauty model, I experiment with cream palettes, layers of thin liquids, and dry heavy pigments, smoothing everything out with a variety of brushes, sponges, and fingertips. 

These models, I promise you, arrive with bags under their eyes from weeks of demanding labour. I successfully disguise my late nights and tiredness beneath my eyes with colour-correcting and light-reflecting concealers. If executed correctly, the final effect will be a smooth, completely rested appearance that fits in without seeming heavy. 

6.  Remove Eye Goop with Precision 

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Fingers should never be used! I wouldn’t want to give a model the responsibility of taking away any stubborn eye makeup without affecting the surrounding makeup after all that flawless, multi-step concealing. So I use a cotton swab and extreme accuracy to take care of it. 

7. Monitor nose-blowing. (Seriously!) 

During Fashion Week, colds are certain to spread, and between Milan and Paris, it seems like everyone is ill. So every time a female tries to blow her nose, I give her some advice on how to do it safely so as not to damage her foundation. This is accomplished by gently blowing into the nostrils with tissue-covered fingers while refraining from cleaning them afterwards. Before the presentation, I kept tracking my model to hide any obvious redness. 

8.  Apply Lip Balm to Various Areas of the Face 

No, you did not read the title incorrectly. I get so many requests from women in the comments on my social media posts asking me to disclose the product I use to make the models’ skin seem so good. The answer, which I hope you’re prepared for, is primarily glossy, oily lip balm. Indeed. We frequently cover the entire top lip, cheeks, nose bridge, and eyelids with it. It also occasionally gets on the lips, albeit not usually. 

9.  Cover their Body in Makeup and Lotion 

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After being dressed, the models have a little window of time before taking to the catwalk, during which a horde of makeup professionals makes their way through the crammed backstage space. We will be seen on our hands and knees, covered in enormous camouflage palettes, in an attempt to make any body part that leans toward red, brown, ash, or blue appear more evenly toned. 

First, limbs are covered in a lotion mixture made with a special formula that is usually designed to give the right amount of shine. Next, we apply foundation on top of our hands, knees, and even toes. We ensure that any flesh that is visible is flawless. 

10. The touch-ups are unending.

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The models’ makeup is never finished before they walk the runway. We continually retouch, add to, and remove items from our bags filled with materials to ensure that every lady looks flawless in the last 120 seconds before she walks the runway. 

 I hope that now that you are aware of what actually happens behind the scenes, you will just walk on the next time you see a picture of a young model who appears “perfect” and a caption that tells you how to attain her runway-ready appearance in five minutes. 

It’s not even close to being the truth. 

I hope we gave you a comprehensive guide to becoming an Indian beauty model and recommended the best ways, so you can also follow these steps and enjoy the flawless experience. Kindly stay in touch and keep reading our next blog on She N Me Academy. If you want to learn more about makeup, enroll now in best makeup academy in Varanasi 

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